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ssoires haute pression, composants et pices dtachs Top Industrie
Fully equipped cells

Fully equipped installation, ready to start, for an efficient laboratory. 

P1 Top Plus  

Measuring and recording continuously the behavior of your installation.

M8 Control cabinet  

Variable volume cell

Adjuste the volume of your cell and see what is going on. 

D8 Variable volume cell  

Special autoclaves

A specific range of cells and autoclaves for the very high pressure or for very corrosive fluids.

L12 Lined autoclave L10 Bolted autoclaves
L9 Top Rapido L11 Autoclave for hydroclave synthesis


The first range of pocket autoclave.

L8 Mineralisation bombs  

Stirrer, Heating, Cylinders

A full range of accessories to improve the performance of your cell.

M1 Magnetic Stirrer M2 Agitation shaft
M3 Impellers M5 Heating
M4 Baffle bar M6 HP cylinder
M7 Welded cylinder  

Collecting and injection systems

Measuring and recording continuously the behavior of your installation

P2 Sampling P3 Injection

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